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Personalized travels to Italy since 1994
November 2015

"There are two ways of living the territory: the root and the step. The place and the journey. While the place can exist without the journey, the journey can not exist without the place. Hence traveling is stopping in one place and then resume the journey towards another place, building a memory that the place has not: the 'route', as memory of a set of places joined by a sequence of steps."

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Our philosophy of travel
Since 1994 we specialize in personalize your travels to Italy.
Every travel experience is unique, as we all are unique individuals.
A solo traveler, a couple, a family, or a group of friends, the dynamics of a trip change.
The reason for someone's trip to Italy can be different and vary, and so the expectations:
it can be the opportunity to be exposed to art and beauty,
to share special moments with your loved ones and create new memories,
explore flavors and sensations, experience the Italian lifestyle,
reconnect with family back in Italy, or simply a way to have fun.
What ever is the reason for your trip, we are here to assist you find Your Italy,
as every person is unique, unique is the way we live and experience life,
unique is every person's pace.