Why Italy Is More Expensive Than Morocco?

Italy is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There are a lot of people who plan a visit to Italy at least once during their lifetime only to be a part of the history and the culture of this splendid and thrilling tourist destination. But, the fact that people also visit Morocco during their visit to Italy cannot be denied. People visit Morocco because the cost of staying and dining in Morocco is far less expensive in comparison to Italy. But why is this so?

Why are the Prices of Food and Accommodation Higher in Italy than in Morocco?

Undoubtedly enough, Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations across the world, and the prices easily reflect this fact. Italy is known for its organized tours and cruise ships that stand along the coast. It is the popularity of this country that has created a great demand for accommodation and food thus resulting in the prices going up with an increase in demand. However, there are affordable deals available for individuals who do not plan to travel during the peak season.

How is Morocco Affordable?

Morocco lies in North Africa, and the cost of living here is lower in comparison to Italy. Prices of food and hotels are much lower in Morocco along with the prices of transportation and restaurants. Morocco is also one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe with absolutely no shortage of affordable restaurants and accommodations in its towns and cities. It is the competition that exists between Italy and Morocco that has kept the prices of almost all important things down. One of the best things about Morocco is that visitors in this country also have the flexibility of negotiating on the prices of accommodations and dining.

The Best Time to Visit Morocco and Italy

You might be well aware of the fact that there are some important factors that need to be considered when planning to visit Morocco and Italy. Apart from considering the process of booking flights within an affordable range while taking the booking of accommodations and dining into account, it is also necessary to consider the right time to visit Italy and Morocco when making your travel plans. Flights to Italy or Morocco should be booked well in advance as this helps in lowering the costs of travel. However, for booking flights in advance, it is essential for you to have a good idea of the right time to visit these two beautiful countries in Europe. So, when is the best time to visit Morocco and Italy?

Italy serves as a popular travel destination throughout the year. However, travelers and vacationers are found crowding the country during the summer season. It is during the summer months when the prices tend to be very high, and the temperatures are also very hot. Therefore, fall and spring can be chosen as the best seasons for visiting Italy. This is because during these seasons there are fewer crowds in the country and the prices are also very low. Hotels and accommodations in Italy are available at low and even discounted prices during the winter season. This is mainly because the temperatures are really low during the winter months thus pulling in fewer crowds. Spring is also the best season to visit Morocco, and this is mainly between April and May. There is no use visiting Morocco during the summer months because it is very hot during summer. Click here for more in-dept advice on that.

Morocco or Italy- Which is the Best Country to Visit?

Morocco or Italy – which is the best country to visit? This is, in fact, a very difficult question to answer because both the countries are quite impressive. There are a lot of travelers and traveling enthusiasts who have traveled both the countries and recommend visiting both at least once during a lifetime. However, experts are of the view that if one among the two has to be chosen then, Italy would be the right choice mainly because of the world-class tourist attractions that it possesses in the form of churches, galleries and museums. Italy is known for its tourist attractions. It boasts of great tourist destinations like Rome, Venice and Florence that serve as the all-time favorites of traveling enthusiasts. There is much that the tourists can get in these places than in any other place around the world. This is probably one of the best trio cities that travelers can visit. However, the fact that Italy is not affordable for tourists cannot be denied.

What do Experts Have to Say?

Morocco, on the other hand, is also one of the greatest countries to visit. It has several interesting and unique things to offer to its visitors regarding places and things to do. Still, for a lot of people, Morocco is not in the same league as Italy, especially for travel purpose. There are others who love visiting Morocco in place of Italy considering the affordable prices of accommodations and restaurants in this beautiful country. Regarding comparison, just like Morocco, Italy is also popular and a favorite among people. It would be difficult to say which is the best country to visit because the choices of people are varied and there are individual travel requirements. Travelers need to carry out their very own research and then make a decision based on what they like best about both the countries. Nevertheless, experts suggest based on what they believe would be perfect for the majority of tourists and that is making their first visit to Italy.

The Budget Factor

Both Italy and Morocco are interesting countries, but Italy tends to be more expensive in comparison to Morocco. Therefore, if you are a budget traveler then it would be wise for you to move on with your plans of visiting Morocco instead of Italy. Visiting Morocco because of travel budget constraints should not be taken as a compromise. This is because Morocco also has much to offer to its visitors as far as traveling and visiting tourist attractions are concerned. Morocco possesses several historically medinas along with imperial and medieval cities. The weather here is quite splendid, and the friendly and adjusting nature of the Moroccans is something that should not be left out. Morocco is undoubtedly for the cheaper and the budget conscious travellers, but it has also got a plethora of attractive and beautiful tourist destinations in store for the ones who like to visit historical and cultural monuments and places. Something that few people realize is the possibility of Jewish Heritage tours to Morocco.


Overall, if you have this strong desire of making your holiday or your vacation one worth remembering, then you must decide on visiting Italy first and then making your way to Morocco.

Choosing Between Morocco And Italy   

Morocco and Italy, both are fascinating and beautiful countries with much to offer to their visitors. Generally speaking, Morocco is cheaper in comparison to Italy, but each country has its very own character and personality. Morocco is culturally rich while Italy is known for its fascinating history, popular food and interesting culture. Morocco has a varied landscape offering people the chance of exploring the Sahara Desert, the coastal beaches and the Atlas Mountains. On the other hand, Italy does not fall short of attractive tourist destinations. It is also worth noting that the transportation facility between the different cities and towns of Italy is quite efficient. Morocco boasts of ancient cities such as Marrakesh and Fez while Italy boasts of world-famous destinations like Rome and Venice. There is also no dearth of different activities that can be enjoyed in Italy. However, Morocco is one of the best places to visit especially for the ones who are on the lookout for an exclusive experience.

The Cheapest and the Most Expensive Regions and Cities in Morocco and Italy

Generally speaking, the popular tourist attractions and the larger towns and cities are the ones that fall into the category of the most expensive destinations in Italy. Venice, Rome and Florence are some Italian cities that have a wide assortment of restaurant and accommodation options, but then the prices here are also very high. Even the hostels found in Venice are quite expensive, and therefore Italy is not one of the best destinations to visit for budget travellers and backpackers. In Morocco, Marrakesh and Fez are expensive little regions. Apart from these, the other cities and towns in Morocco are cheaper in comparison to the towns and cities in Italy. You can also let a travel agent book the cities based on your personal wishes like www.wanderlustvoyagestravel.com does.

Saving Money while Traveling to Morocco and Italy

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that Italy is one of the most tourist-friendly destinations with no dearth of restaurants and hotels catering to the varied requirements of the visitors. For the ones who are looking to save money and enjoy great meals, Italy would not come as a bad option. This is because there are less popular tourist destinations in Italy that tend to be affordable for the travelers. These are areas where the locals are also found having their daily foods. Visitors to Italy move to the northern areas of this country because this area is relatively cheaper than the southern part of the country. However, for the ones who are on the lookout for an exclusive experience, visiting the southern part of Italy would be worth it. Whether you are travelling to Italy or Morocco, there are some tricks and tips that you can use for saving your hard earned money. Using public transportation and buses instead of reserved cars would help you in saving money both in Italy and in Morocco. Buses are relatively comfortable and convenient in both Morocco and Italy, and the prices are also reasonable.


The prices for everything that visitors require are not set both in Morocco and in Italy. Therefore, travelers to these countries always have this option of negotiating the prices.

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